Adult Classes

Our adult classes gives participants the opportunity to do as much as they like, or as little, by providing a session flexible to each individual's strength and ability.  


Our adult sessions are perfect for those aged 16yrs+ (yes, we've had 72yo's come and train with us!) who want to increase their skill set and strength whilst perhaps learning a skill or two in the process.  

Wednesday nights 7.15pm til 8.45pm.

Male Gymnast
Pull Ups

What's a typical Adult Class?  

Our Adult classes begin with a warm up and stretch guaranteed to get the heart racing and the muscles ready!

Then, it's up to each adult on what they'd like to work on for that session, whether it be tumbling, beam, trampoline or floor, its entirely up to each athlete.


Our coach will:

  • Help you to focus on positive movement experiences 

  • Provide drills to help you develop your skill level

  • Develop and further enhance your strength and flexibility


Adult classes are a pay-as-you-go type session, meaning there's no commitment to join up and pay a monthly fee.

Sessions are just $15 each, however if you prefer, you can purchase Punch Passes via the Portal and get 4 sessions for $60, or 10 sessions for $135.


Athletes who do intend to visit the club more than 4 times in a calendar year will be required to pay the club's Annual Registration and Insurance fee, which for 2021, is $80 (pro rata as the year goes on).  This registration fee will give you membership to the club, plus will affiliate you with us, Gymnastics Western Australia and Gymnastics Australia so you are covered whichever gymnastics club you go to.