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Birthday Parties

We’re so excited to announce our new and improved birthday parties!  From an easy-to-use online booking system, to a variety of party packages suitable for any age (even the bigger kids now) we’re sure there’s a perfect party for that special someone!

Happy Foam Pit
Laying Down Trampoline
Fun with Party Props
Pinwheel Kids
Friends Forever
Children in Indoor Playground

Birthday Parties

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Our Venues

Junior Gym: 4/200 Camboon Road, Malaga

Our party experience begins here!  The Junior Gym is perfect for party guests aged 3 years and up and is a bright, colouful and engaging environment for the young ones!

When you arrive, you’ll have the tables and chairs set up for you, all you have to do it decorate as you like and get your food and drink sorted.  

The gym floor area will be set up and ready!  This space consists of beams, a bar to swing on, a 10m long trampoline which has a foam pit at the end, two mini trampolines and of course plenty of soft play equipment and space to roll around.

If selected in your add-on option, the bouncy castle will also be up and ready for action!


Senior Gym: 1/69 Truganina Road, Malaga
Our Senior Gym is a larger, older space where our competitive athletes train up to 20 hours per week.  It is a fully setup area with a competition sized sprung floor, a vaulting area, an in-ground trampoline and numerous beams to walk along. The Senior Gym boasts two large foam pits so there’s plenty of space for everyone to have a go on everything. 


For parties for the older child, we recommend booking this venue as they’ll definite enjoy the additional gymnastics equipment and space.  As this venue is primarily for the older child, sorry we can only offer this space for parties for children 7yrs plus.

Packages Now Available

Our parties are now available in several different options, so you can pick and choose just exactly what you’d like to have.

Standard Package *** for children aged 3-12yrs ***

A 1.5hr party held solely at the Junior Gym.  You’ll get 1 x full hour with our nationally accredited coaches, utilising all of our equipment, trampoline, foam pit and climbing frame.  Then after the fun, there will be 30 minutes in our party area for food, cake and drink. 

The Junior Gym is your one-stop, party fun place and is our most popular venue.


Bronze Package *** for children aged 5-12yrs only ***

Our Bronze package is the same as our Standard Package but with a longer time frame, meaning you’ll get 1.5hrs in the gym area with our nationally accredited coaches, before your 30 minutes for food and cake. 

As this is a more energetic gymnastics-based party, we do not recommend this length of party for 3-4 year olds.


Silver Package  *** for children aged 7-14yrs only ***

Our Silver package gives you the additional option to utilise our other facility, just across the driveway of our Junior Gym.

Starting at the Junior Gym, your party guests will experience 30 minutes of Junior Gym fun, then pop their shoes on and head over to the Senior Gym for an exhausting, mind-blowing enormous amount of FreePlay fun with our two nationally accredited coaches.

Once the hour is over, they’ll then head on back to the Junior Gym for their food, cake and drinks. 

Please note that as with all party packages, we do not allow children back on to the equipment once they’ve eaten.


Gold Package *** for children aged 7-14yrs only ***

Our Gold Package is similar to the Silver Package, but with a longer time frame, meaning there’s even more time to jump on the trampolines, walk along the beams and dive into the foam pits under the supervision of our two nationally accredited coaches.

Party guests will get 1.5 hours of non-stop gymnastics fun in total between the two gyms!  Phew, now that’s tiring! 

So to break it down, they’ll start in the Junior Gym, have 45 minutes of fun in the Junior Gym then head on over to the Senior Gym for an additional 45 minutes of FreePlay.  Then head on back to the Junior Gym for food, cake and drink.

As with all party packages, we do not allow children back on to the equipment once they’ve eaten.


Important Information

Regardless of the package or time, here’s what you’ll get and what you need to know.


  • Booking online is a must as we have limited party times available – and should be done in advance as soon as possible to avoid missing out.  To do so, visit our Customer Portal and follow the prompts. 

  • Be sure to select your timeslot and the correct package to match your selection.  Add-ons are optional, some free of charge, others have a minimal charge so be sure to check them all out.

  • A payment of a $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking and if forfeited should you choose to cancel your booking.  If we have to cancel, due to reasons beyond our control, we will either refund your deposit, or offer an alternative party date and time.

  • Final balance of your party must be made in full via the Portal by no later than 7 days prior to your party.

  • Your party will start and finish at the Junior Gym.  You’ll get the place to yourself, which means there’s no sharing with athletes or other party goers, it’s just you, your guests and our coaches.

  • You’ll get full use of our facilities, which includes an oven, hot plates, kettle, microwave, fridge and small freezer.  We’ll have the tables and chairs set up for you and the aircon running if it’s hot!  As we do not provide food or drinks, please ensure you have everything you need.  For your convenience we’ve also got a list of suggested things to bring itemised below to help you be organised.

  • The Junior Gym comfortably seats up to 20 children.  If 20 parents then also stay it can get very squishy, so keep this in mind when deciding on your numbers. 

  • Your party you will have two qualified coaches running the show, providing fun warm-up activities, games, circuits and FreePlay supervision. Once the coaches have concluded their time with the party guests, it will then be time for food, cake and drink.  This will be then up to you to ensure all guests are seated, eating and had refreshments.

  • Once the guests have eaten, it will be time to go home.  Sorry, we do not allow children back into the gym area afterwards.  We don’t want anyone sick now do we 😊

  • It will be your responsibility to ensure that all guests have vacated by the end of the party time, collecting their shoes and belongings and leaving with their grown up. 

  • Cleaning up after your party means the floor is swept, all tables are wiped down and chairs are pushed in.  We ask that you please ensure the oven is turned off, bins are emptied and nothing is left behind.  Our coaches will assist you with this and will be able to show you where the cleaning products are located.

  • Here’s a list of things you might want to also bring:​​

    • ​​Party food and drinks

    • Decorations

    • Birthday cake, candles and matches/lighter

    • Music playlist if you want certain songs to play

    • ​​Paper plates and cups

    • Lolly Bags

    • Cutlery and serving utensils  

    • Tea, coffee and drinks for the adults

    • Bag, box or basket for taking home all those presents

  • The party time cannot be extended or postponed, to accommodate late arrivals.  We run to a strict timetable so please be sure you arrive on time and finish at the designated time.

  • Children will not be allowed onto the gym floor after the allocated time.

  • Guests should arrive 10 mins prior to the commencement of the party to ensure they are there on time.

  • Guests should be promptly picked up at the conclusion of the party time.

  • Party guests are recommended to wear thongs or slip on shoes only.  Socks are not required to use the equipment, and if they are heading over to the Senior Gym, we don’t want to waste their time by struggling with buckles, shoelaces or boots.

  • Please ask all guests to not wear jewellery, watches, Fitbits or excessive hair items.  Guests should wear appropriate sporty clothes.  Guests who wish to dress up for the party should bring their outfit and change into it after the gym time.

  • Guests must adhere to the rules of the club and listen to the instructions of their coaches.  Any guest behaving in an unsafe manner or not following the rules may be asked to leave the gym area.

  • No parents/adults are allowed on the equipment at any time, regardless of the venue.

  • There are no refunds for cancellations.  In the event the club is unable to fulfil its obligation of hosting your party, a full refund will be offered, or an alternative day and time will be suggested.

  • It is the responsibility of the person booking the party to ensure that they have selected the correct date, day and time as well as party package and chosen the correct amount of children to be seated.  No adjustments to the party booking can be made after the deposit has been paid. 

  • Should less children attend the party than booked for, no refunds will be offered.

  • Where we stipulate an age minimum, this will be based on the birthday child, not the age of the guests.

  • It is the responsibility of the person booking the party to ensure they have provided the correct information to their guests.  Please ensure that your guests know the address of our Junior Gym: 4/200 Camboon Road, Malaga for drop off and collection.  Arriving at our other facility may cause them to miss part of the party, and/or think there’s no party running as the front door will be locked at the Senior Gym until such time that it is time to be used.

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