GymFit - CLOSED FOR 2022

GymFit is our newest program to West Coast Gymnasts and will be specifically aimed at the older child who wants to keep fit, build their strength and flexibility, all whilst using our equipment at the Senior Gym.


Perfect for boys and girls aged 12-15yrs who aren't looking to learn more than the basics of gymnastics but do want to increase their skill set and strength.  

Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture
Gym Class

What is GymFit?

GymFit is a program that is specifically designed for both boys and girls aged 12-16yrs, primarily focusing on building their core, upper and lower body strength as well as increasing their cardio endurance.

GymFit is designed to improve the general fitness and physical condition of each individual via a series of fun and challenging exercises. 


Run by qualified coaches, your teen will:

  • Focus on positive movement experiences which can influence their outlook on physical activity for life

  • Develop holistic lifelong learning through movement and physical activity

  • Develop and further enhance their social skills to be active with others

  • Build on their current skill-set and fitness whilst having fun in a safe, encouraging environment

  • Improve their attitudes and emotions which motivate them to stay active


Whilst the primary focus is on building each teen's fitness, they'll pick up basic gymnastics skills along the way utilising all of our equipment, including the bars, the beams, our two trampolines and of course the floor area.