Policies & Procedures 

Protection For All Our Members

Our policies and procedures which govern West Coast Gymnasts.  All members are asked to ensure they fully understand what it means to be a member of the club.  Members include staff, volunteers, parents, athletes and visitors.

Our club constitution was updated in 2017 to comply with the latest legislations.

A must-read!

An overview of everything about West Coast Gymnasts and what is expected whilst a member.

How we handle your money and what is expected from you whilst a member of the club

Working With Children Screening Policy

How we ensure that all staff employed are complying with the Working With Children Legislation.

Health Alert


A link to the latest information from the Australian Government about the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sport Australia
(sport during the pandemic)

A link to the Minister for Sport during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Codes of Conduct

Our codes of conduct ensure that all members are acting in the best interests of each individual and the club's reputation.

A must-read for all squad members!

An overview of what to expect whilst part of a squad.

Our Supplementary Fees Policy focused on the impacts from Covid-19 (to be read in conjunction with our Fees Policy)

How to drop from class, the club and the notice period required

Athlete Transfer


What happens if you wish to transfer to another club within Australia.

Risk Management Policy

Our Risk Management Policy ensures each member is safe whilst at the club.

Protection for all members.

Squad Agreement (WAG/MAG/ACRO)

Our agreement with members whilst a member of a WAG, MAG or ACR Squad.

Makeup Token Policy

Makeup tokens are available for selected classes under these guidelines.

Club Uniform Policy
(updated April 2022)

Updated Uniform Policy for the safety of all athletes

Behaviour Management Policy

How we handle behaviour that is not complying with our codes of conduct.

Policy & Plan

How we are keeping everyone safe during the pandemic.

Child Safe Committment Statement

Our promise to keep all children safe.

Squad Agreement
(athletes 18yrs+)

Our agreement with athletes 18yrs+ whilst a member of a Squad.

Complaint Management Policy

How we handle complaints.

Health & Safety Policy

All things related to members' health and safety.



How we handle your details and keep them private.


A useful link to a great article about bullying.