AcroFun incorporates so many elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, tumbling and dance it really is FUN!

But first things first, what does Acrofun teach kids? 
A typical session will combine parts of tumbling, mini tramp (both individually and synchronised with a partner), acrobatics, partner balances and dance to choreographed music to create an exciting team-focused program suitable for any athlete who wants to learn how to flip, roll, jump and dance with their friends.


Athletes don't have to compete if they don't want to, but if they want to step it up, there is an opportunity to do so at the Festival of Gymnastics each year which is run by Gymnastics WA (usually in November).

Those who do want to compete get to put everything they've been learning together, to create our TeamGym routines. What is TeamGym you ask?

TeamGym is HUGE in Europe, with strong teams of teenagers and young adults pitting their skills and teamwork against other teams.  You can find plenty of Youtube videos on the sport and the competitions and will clearly see why it is fast becoming one of the most popular past times overseas.

The Australian TeamGym program has been developed for teams of gymnasts, with performances on 3 different apparatus.


Teams perform on the following apparatus:
- Floor
- Tumbling
- Vaulting / Mini trampoline (trampette)

Teams can have a minimum of six and maximum of twelve members but depending on individual strengths, not everyone needs to perform on every apparatus.


In addition, members can also be interchanged or increased/decreased during performance apparatus passes (ie: 1st tumbling run 10 members may perform, 2nd tumbling run 8 members may perform or the 10 may be made up of different members).

Because of its versatility, TeamGym is for EVERYONE!

As we said, you don't have to compete, but there is an opportunity to do so later in the year.

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